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“There’s Only One Newburyport”
July 29th – August 6th


Google ‘Newburyport.’

Go ahead. Try it.

What shows up?

“Newburyport is a coastal city in Essex County, Massachusetts, United States, 35 miles
northeast of Boston.”

That’s right…there’s only ONE Newburyport!

If there is ever a reason to celebrate, its that our city is one of a kind. That’s exactly
what we’ll do Saturday, July 29th through Sunday, August 6th. In fact, that’s what
Yankee Homecoming has been doing for 64 consecutive years.

This year’s celebration will have events that respect the past and celebrate the present.
There’s something big brewing in Newburyport and it has been since it’s founding in
1764. What role will you play in shaping this city’s future? Perhaps you want to play a
role in organizing the longest consecutively running homecoming festival in the country?
We could use your help!

It’s an honor to be this year’s General Chairperson. It’s an honor to live in this city. It’s
time to celebrate the one…the only…Newburyport.

Chris Johnston
YHC General Chair 2023






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