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YHC has just been voted Best Summer Festival of the North Shore for the 6th year in a row!  Thank you to everyone that voted, all of our volunteers that make this happen and of course everyone that comes out to our many events.

Yankee Homecoming has partnered with photographer Laura Kozlowski to capture this years Yankee Homecoming celebration. She has attended many event taking pictures that capture the heart of each event and many candid photo’s of those in attendance as well. Please be sure to visit her Zenfolio website with the link below to re-live our many events, see what you may have missed and of course see if your picture has been captured as well.

Show your support of YHC by purchasing a flag to hang outside your house. Click HERE for more information

  • Thank you to all that watched our parade.  If you were not able to attend or if you just want to watch it again this will be shown several times on channel 8 over the next several weeks.
  • Do you want to support the fireworks and save money on downtown businesses? Purchase a Newburyport VIP card and $10 of each sale goes directly to supporting our YHC Fireworks


Reflections of our Past

Welcome to the 62nd celebration of Yankee Homecoming! This year’s theme is “Reflections of
our Past,” which will focus on celebrating the long and storied history of our hometown

Yankee Homecoming was the creation of artist Jack Frost, who in 1957 proposed a celebration
that would invite the Yankees that had emigrated west in the 1800’s to return home for a
“national Family Reunion.” Newburyport was one of 29 cities to celebrate the inaugural festival
in 1958, which was promoted as a “national pilgrimage back east where it all began.” The
festival attracted new and old fans of the city alike, promoting our rich history and invoking
pride in the residents of the time.

We are extremely proud to enter our 62 nd year as the only surviving Yankee Homecoming
festival. As you enjoy the many free events to be offered, please take a moment to reflect on
and appreciate the history of our hometown festival, which will be commemorated with fun
facts and anecdotes from events that paved the way for the 2019 Yankee Homecoming.

I would be remiss not to thank the hundreds of volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure a fun
week for all, and without whom our amazing festival would not be possible. As you enjoy the
many events we have to offer, I invite you to thank a volunteer for their time, effort and
commitment to Yankee Homecoming.

As the General Chair of Yankee Homecoming 2019, I hope that you enjoy our beautiful city and
all that Yankee Homecoming has to offer! Please have a safe and happy Yankee Homecoming!



Jennifer Duggan
Yankee Homecoming General Chair


YHC Committee respectfully ask that you use the contact’s within this website to get more information about YHC or an event. City agencies will not have the information that our event chairs have. Thank you for your cooperation.


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