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Thank you for another great year!  Hope you all enjoyed our festival and all our city has to offer

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Do you know how amazing our community is – well we do!  Thank you to everyone who has donated to our food drive that has been going strong for over 3 years now.  Every week we are able to donate these items to one of our local food pantries.  For more information see our FOOD DRIVE PAGE


“There’s Only One Newburyport”
July 29th – August 6th


It always seems so far away and then all of the sudden it is here. The city transforms, seemingly overnight, to host a festival of past traditions, historic tours, and entertainment for all.  There is literally something for everyone.  To some it is a dreaded nine days.  To thousands of others it is their favorite time of the year and a time to connect with friends and family. 
In today’s economic environment it may be one of the few times a year to take a family out for free entertainment, fun and games. We provide business the opportunity to sell off past styles or trends at sidewalk sales as well as to promote for future return business around holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries. Organizations are able to hold their own fundraisers to support their causes. Civic groups, churches, and various non-profits are all welcome. We offer free exposure to businesses and organizations at Family Day. They simply must provide or organize an activity for the kids.
To us it is the climax of all the hard work to put on these fabulous nine days. It is a time to celebrate our city and all the people that visit. It is a tremendous honor to be entrusted to such a tradition that impacts so many people. Having done this for so many years we know there is no way to thank everyone enough. It starts and ends with volunteers. In late August and early September the wheels begin to turn with the next general chair being announced. The general chair begins to form a plan for their year by seeking out event chairs and coordinators that will inevitably execute all the events. Soon after that we start working with all city departments, commissions, and boards. After the holidays things really ramp up with general meetings and committee meetings. If it seems daunting you are right sometimes it is. With our volunteers leading the way, everything falls into place. When the day arrives to kick off the festival it all pays off. We are humbled by how many people thank all the volunteers for what they have done.
One of our past chairs’ theme was “it takes a village”. As you can see it literally does. In the end it is a simple recipe. Take strong willed dedicated volunteers, a city that embraces its past, donors and sponsors, and of course participants. If any one part of the recipe is missing then it could not happen. In closing we cannot thank you all enough! We would like to recognize the following

Volunteers YHC Board of Directors
Mayor and his staff
US Coast Guard Essex County Sherriff’s Dept
Council on Aging
City Clerk City Council and committees
Cataldo Ambulance
Licensing Commission
Parks Commission
Department Public Services
NBPT Fire Dept
Harbor Master
NBPT Police Dept
School Department
Health Dept
and of course our sponsors

Lastly all those that attended and participated in our many events a heartfelt Thank You to all.

Jennifer and Jason Lacroix







BONS 2014