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Looking to donate? YHC is looking for additional funding for our fireworks display. Special thanks to Packaging Specialties for their generous donation to our fireworks. Because of their support we were able to increase our contract however we are still short from our previous years contract. Please consider donating with the link on the right side of this page or to our Go Fund Me page HERE

We still have Brewfest tickets for sale! This is going to be a great night with music by Alter Ego and over 24 breweries.

Thank you to all of all State and City officials that support each and every year. We thank you for your letters of recognition to General Chairperson Jill Ramsdell and all our volunteers for all the hard work put into this years event. See the letters HERE

Haven’t purchased your Yankee Homecoming Flag yet?  Don’t worry there is still time to get yours HERE

Our Yankee Homecoming volunteers have worked hard to pull together a full 9 day festival for everyone to enjoy in a short amount of time. Most of our standard events have returned, as well as the continuation of some new events we came up with last year and a few more new ideas that we developed early on this year.

You can see a full list of our 2021 events HERE. With this said there are a few events that we are not able to hold this year due to different reasons such as funding, restrictions still in place and shortage of volunteers/time. The events we are not able to hold this year are Nursing Home Concerts, Kids Talent Show and Family Day at Maudsley. Although we will miss these events this year we look forward to bringing them back next year.

Yankee Homecoming Reimagined
July 30th – August 8th 2021

Yankee Homecoming Board of Directors, in accordance with all state and local guidelines, is incredibly pleased to be carrying out a full calendar of Yankee Homecoming events for 2021.  Given the short amount of time we have had for planning the YHC Board, General Chairperson Jill Ramsdell and all our wonderful volunteers are working as diligently as possible to make every event as full as it was pre-pandemic.

Giving the trying times we have no doubt that in some ways our event will look different.  Certainly many people are anxious to get out and resume a “normal” lifestyle.  We also know that many people may still not be vaccinated or may be more comfortable wearing a mask which is perfectly acceptable.  YHC is doing everything we can to support the personal decisions of everyone in our community.  That being said we are going through extra measures to make sure all of our events are as safe as possible including our vendors and committees having extra sanitizing measures on hand at all events.

The Yankee Homecoming Committee is proud to be at the forefront of resuming normalcy.  Although some events will not happen whether it is because of continued restrictions, volunteerism or funding the events we do have planned will look and feel very much like the events that we have done for the past 63 years.   We also have a few new events planned such as a Road Rally and Chalk it up, and we are bringing back a few new events from last year such as door decorating contest, drive in movies and YHC Flag flying initiative.

To say it has been a monumental task to make this happen would be an understatement.  The fact that we are able to execute as much as we are going to be doing these 9 wonderful days is a true testament to the perseverance of our wonderful volunteers and citizens of Greater Newburyport.  We also want to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful sponsors that have stuck with us and are back to support us again this year. 

On behalf of the Yankee Homecoming Board of Directors I want to invite you out to participate and enjoy this year’s festival and all it has to offer.


Dennis Palazzo

President, YHC Board of Directors


BONS 2014