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General Chair, Alysha Robitaille

Yankee Homecoming Fundraising Events Chairs
Brewfest, Brittany Verville & Viken Dumeciyan
YHC Geno Open Golf Tournament, Gary & Donna Greco

Yankee Homecoming Event Chairs 
Art on the Bartlet Mall, Margette Leanna
Coast Guard Tours, Jennifer Lacroix
CornHole Tournament, Matt Haskell
Downtown Entertainment, Michael Bernier
Evening Waterfront Concerts, Diane Drinan
Family Day,
Fireworks, Jason Lacroix
Generations of Giving, Paul Bushey and Dawn Malatesta
Heritage Tours, Ghlee Woodworth
High School Battle of the Bands, Cheryl Munick, Ben Eramo, Steve Cohen
Know Your Community, Paul Bushey
Market Square Craft Show, Laurie LeBlanc and Wendy Buda
Morning Workout Series Kelly Luchini and Maggie
Olde Fashioned Sunday, Terry and Tom Cusick
Parade, Stephanie Bearse,
Road Rally, John and Anne Lagasse
Sidewalk Sales, Dennis Palazzo
Support Local, Neil Wilson
Veterans Luncheon, Jan Kolman and Carole Appleton
Waiter/Waitress Race, Cheryl Munick

Yankee Homecoming Logistics Chairs
General Information,
Marketing & Social Media,
Program Book
Vendors, Dennis Palazzo
Volunteer Resource Manager,

Are you interested in sponsoring an event or activity?  Please contact  Jason Lacroix,


President Jennifer Lacroix
Vice President Dennis Palazzo
Vice President Jason Lacroix
Treasurer Lucien Lacroix
Clerk Brittany Verville


Alysha Robitaille
Carole Appleton
Diane Drinan
Gary Davis
Jennifer Duggan
Jennifer Lacroix
Judy Lacroix
Paul Bushey

Directors Emeritus

Dan Appleton
Hank Farmer
Richard Eaton
Robin Blair


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