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60th Annual Yankee Homecoming
“A Timeless Tradition”


robin2823I would like to welcome the citizens of Newburyport and our visitors to the 60th Annual Yankee Homecoming. Over the past 60 years, our city has changed in many wonderful ways and now it is a beautiful and exciting seaport for natives, newcomers, and out of town visitors.

Conceived in 1957 through artist Jack Frost, the idea of Yankee Homecoming has been fostered and nurtured by thousands of Newburyport’s citizens, friends and visitors to make it our one special week of the year when we open up our hearts to all who wish to participate.

When you look back into the history of Yankee Homecoming, it offers a glimpse of our many talented predecessors each with his or her own stories about Yankee Homecoming.  It is through their commitment, and contribution that allows us once a year a chance to come together and celebrate with family, friends and newcomers.  For these reasons, I chose this year’s theme “A Timeless Tradition”.

Since the birth of Yankee Homecoming, thousands of volunteers have donated their time and effort to insure the success of this week.  Come celebrate with us!  Enjoy the many events, activities, discover the exhibits, concerts, parade, as well as, the sights and sounds of Yankee Homecoming. Remember it is a volunteer that makes all this possible.  Join our celebration of community pride as we stand today, on the bridge between the past and the future.

This year’s Yankee Homecoming celebration looks ahead with anticipation to the Newburyport of tomorrow, all the while realizing that it was her past which has brought her greatness.

It is said that everyone is Irish on “St Patrick’s Day.”  And it is equally true that everyone is “Yankee” during Yankee Homecoming Days.

Thank you for supporting Yankee Homecoming and again welcome.


Robin Johnson
General Chairperson


Next Meeting: July 12th, 7pm upstairs at Starboard Galley Restaurant, Newburyport MA


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