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2023: John Dow, Debra Doucett
2022: Jen Duggan, Jenn Lacroix, Ghlee Woodworth
2021: Lucien, Richie, Tom, Terri
2020: covid
2019: Jay, Dennis, Cheryl, Don Jarvis
2018: Bill Cremins and Mel
2017: Larry Wiglos, Rick and Connie
2016: Dave and Dottie Chretian 
2015: Andy and Barbara Griffith, Nick Striel
2014: Glenn Hawrylciw, Geri Dorr, Alysha Robitaille
2013: Dick Kaplan, Mike Roy, Frank Ventura, Billy Greenwood
2012: George Lawler
2011: Margette Jeanne
2010: Bruce Brown, Larry Twomey


BONS 2014