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We would like to send a special thank you to all our past Sr King and Queens for their continued volunteerism throughout our communities.

2021: Nancy Burke, George Burtch
2019: Bob Peters and Don Beaulieu
2017 Kevin Hunt and Barbara Dowd

2016 Ben Iacono and Janet Kolman

2015  Joan “Bunny” Chiasson and Nicholas J. Costello, Sr.

2014  Roseann Robillard & Lon Hachmeister

2013  Joyce Cejka and Larry Quinn

2012 Peg McClure and Paul Kolman

2011 Kathy Eaton and Duncan MacBurnie

2010 Priscilla Kime and Lucien Lacroix

2009 Ruth Gus and Paul Norton

2008  Claire Nicolosi and Joseph Meekins

2007 Lucy Hailson and George Lawrence

2006  Barbara Thomas and Richie Eaton

2007  Elizabeth Gillette and Mike Barry

2008  Fran Munroe and Richard Cunningham

2009  Mara Clark and John Chamberlain

2001 Jeanette Chatigny and Harmon Fordham

2000 Marie Hudson and Russell Horowicz

1999 Virginia Lee Quinn and William Packer

1998 Rita Atkinson and Robert Fuller

1997 Betty Cloonan and Donald Miller

1996 Eleanor Hughes and Frank Ventura

1995 Marcia Ward and Russell Ward

1994 Ethel Youngman and Todd Woodworth

1993 Elizabeth Janvrin and Robert Henneberry

1992 Rose Horowicz and Paul Hughes

1991 Esther York and George Cashman

1990 Eloise Hamilton and Ralph Ayers

1989 Sister Mary Ross and Ryburn Lynch

1988 Shirley Lattime and Milton Hughes

1987 Evelyn Miller and Ralph Crooks

1986 Annetta Plouff and Albert Walker

1985 Eva Barnes and Jack Shephard

1984 Mary Smith and Sammy Sargent

1983 Natalie Nichols and Albert Schrempf

1982 Effie Foley and Archie Janvrin

1981 Margaret Reilly and Dr. Arthur Plouff



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