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“Yankee Homecoming: A Family Tradition”
July 27th – August 4th


In 1958, Newburyport joined twenty-nine other New England communities in holding a celebration that would bring people together. Since then, the Yankee Homecoming committee has carried on this tradition for families, visitors, and volunteers to enjoy and is the only community that has continuously held this yearly festival since the beginning.  

My theme this year is Yankee Homecoming: A Family Tradition. I like to say that I was “born” into Yankee Homecoming. My tradition included my mom bringing me to Olde Fashioned Sunday, walking around at the Craft Fair, attending the Waterfront Concerts, and seeing the Fireworks. This tradition has continued to this day, as I look forward to the week of Yankee Homecoming each year. However, it wasn’t until I was older that I realized it really was a family tradition. My grandparents and parents have been General Chairs multiple times, so it only made sense that I loved the week-long festival as much as they did.  

Yankee Homecoming isn’t just a family tradition for me but a tradition thousands of families have enjoyed over the past 65 years. What’s great about Yankee Homecoming is that the traditions differ depending on who you ask. For example, many recall going to the Bartlett Mall to watch the canoe tilt. Others recall bringing their children to Family Day or their grandchildren to the Antique Car Show. Although the memories are different, they are all part of what makes Yankee Homecoming so special. 

Whether you have enjoyed Yankee Homecoming for years or this is your first year, I hope you can enjoy this longstanding festival and make a tradition of your own. 

Thank you
Alysha Robitaille
YHC General Chair 2024






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