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We have 2 options for your participation.  Both options can have flyers, give-a-ways, and brochures to hand out at their booth.  We will also post your company information on our website.  Please check with option you want to participate in.  Applications received after July 16th will be added if space allows

    Are you looking for a fun way to advertise your business or organization? Booths are free in exchange for coordinating a game, arts & crafts activity or other kid-friendly idea. All booths MUST have an interactive component. To avoid long lines at your booth we recommend having an activity or game that several kids can play at the same time. All booths are 10x10 unless otherwise specified please let us know how much space you need
    In keeping with the Yankee Homecoming tradition of offering as many free activities and entertainment as possible, we need sponsors to help with the costs of holding these events. Please contact us to find out what sponsorships are available. Sponsors do not need to have a game or activity for the kids; however, we do still recommend give-a-ways to attract attention to your booth and would welcome activities as well. We will arrange for your booth to be placed near your sponsored service, or near the main stage if you are sponsoring a performance. All sponsors will be acknowledged from the main stage throughout the event.
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    Please fill in the below sections completely for both options listed above. The information in this section will be used in our advertising. Please do not list any personal information you do not want published in this section
  • If you do not know what activity you will be providing this can be left blank. We will need all activity information 3 weeks before the event to ensure we have time to add this information to our website. We can also help come up with ideas for activities as well
  • The section below is for Yankee Homecoming Family Day Coordinators only. This information will be used to contact you about this event and will not be printed in any of our advertising.


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