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Yankee Homecoming (YHC) is once again requesting nominations from the greater Newburyport community for the 2023 Volunteer of the Year awards   Each year, YHC, recognizes the volunteer efforts of our citizenry: our teens, young adults, and adults who have made a difference in the lives of the residents of Newburyport and surrounding towns, by unselfishly giving of themselves, donating their time, efforts, and energy.

Congratulations to this years winners!

Paul Burk has volunteered in Anna Jaques Hospital transport department for over 13 years and has contributed close to 9,000 hours of service.  Paul was one of Anna Jaques heroic volunteers that returned as soon as restrictions allowed, during COVID, and has been steadfast in his support both before and since the pandemic.  As the Chief Nursing Office, Richard Make at Anna Jaques, recently remarked, “The loss of our volunteers during COVID was like the loss of our beating heart here at the hospital”.  For over a decade Paul has contributed with his heart to the hospital and they are so very grateful.  Paul will be celebrating his 96th birthday this coming November.

Geri Buzzotta, born on April 13, 1929 was raised in Winchester MA and lived there for the better part of her adult life, raising her family.  Geri moved to Newbury about 15 years ago.  Geri is a unique women who makes friends everywhere she goes.  People always remember Geri, which made her the perfect candidate to volunteer at Anna Jaques Gift Shop.  She loves to talk, telling her great stories and making people laugh!  Geri volunteered for 15 years with Anna Jaques and just retired this past winter after over 3,000 hours of service in her roles as a board member for the Anna Jaques Aid Association and her weekly shifts at their gift shop.

Ann Marie (Zarba) Baia grew up in Watertown MA and married her high school sweetheart, Neville.  In 2000 they moved to Newburyport, where they saw the potential at the up and coming Clipper Way and dove in head first.  Ann Marie has volunteered with the Council on Aging, receiving phone calls, greeting guests, scheduling rides and creating reports for 23 years and still going strong!  Ann Marie continues to be an essential member of the volunteer team who serve as the face of Newburyport Council on Aging.

Hope O’Malley will be a senior at Newburyport High School this fall.  As a child of a Newburyport teacher, Hope and her siblings have always been the extra set of hands in their mothers classroom – helping with cleaning, organizing and supporting young kindergarten students with their learning, crafts and play.  For many years before and after COVID, Hope has volunteered at Community Service of Newburyport where she helps with personal care collections.  Hope is also active in volunteering at the Saint Vincent de Paul and Immaculate Conception Church to serve meals at their Breaking Bread dinners.  She is also a member of the NHS Club, Bring Change 2 Mind – a group whose mission is to end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health.  It goes without saying that Hope O’Malley strives hard to be a good friend and role model to those around her.




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