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General Chair, Jennifer Lacroix
Advertising & Publicity,
Art on Bartlet Mall, Dennis Palazzo
Board of Directors CS Award, Jeff Ives
Brewfest, Tom Cusick & Maureen Ryan
Coast Guard Tours, Geri Dorr
Downtown Entertainment, Michael Bernier
Evening Waterfront Concerts, YH Committee
Family Day at Maudslay, Tom and Terry Cusick
Fireworks, Jason Lacroix
Fishing Tournament, Bill Cremmins
Golf Tournament, Gary and Donna Greco
Heritage Tours, Ghlee Woodworth
HS Battle of the Bands, Cheryl Munick
Kids Talent Show, Sara Zaninni
Market Sq. Days – Craft Show, Alysha Robitaille
Nursing Home Concerts, Lucien Lacroix
Olde Fashioned Sunday, Joan Chaisson and Deb Casey
Parade, Jenn Duggan
Program Book, Larry Wielgos
Senior King and Queen, Jill Ramsdell
Social Media, Meghan Orencole
Vendors, Dennis Palazzo
Vietnam Vet’s Day Luncheon, Frank Ventura


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