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Plumislander Art & Design                         Artyfactos
Spirit of Newburyport                             At the Beach
Amy's Creations                                   Luxa Jewelry
Third Shift Fabrication                           Simply Lit Candle
Color Me Happy                                    Lauren Deloreto - Slate Painter
Dragon Design                                     Story Teller Jewelry
AJ Vinyl Time                                     Perlmutter Photography
The Silver Spoon                                  Slate Expectations
Creative Walls 101                                Yartful
M&E Woodcrafters                                  E&M Travel Photography
Lee Gordan - Glass Blower                         Golden Closet
Beachscapes                                       B Positive
An Arty Party                                     Flower Child
Cooper Moon Studio

                      Current List of Culinary
                      Greek Church Food Booth

                      Current List of Musicians & Performers
                      Greek Music - Kefi Music
                      Lewis Flores
                      Jack Garvey
                      Flying Toaster Brothers
                      John Tavarano
                      Alex Adrian
                      Dan Seal

                      Current List of Non-profit & Humanitarian
                      Small Solutions Big Ideas
                      Support the Pink House
                      Winchester School of Chinese Culture

                     See Schedule for Details on Dates for each Artisan


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