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The ninth annual Yankee Homecoming Board of Directors Youth Service Award will be presented to a local high school senior and a high school junior demonstrating a strong commitment to public service, volunteerism and dedication to a cause. Two winners will receive a $300 award in recognition of their contribution to the community. The award winners will be introduced during the Opening Ceremonies of Yankee Homecoming on Olde Fashion Sunday and recognized throughout Yankee Homecoming festivities.


Congratulations to our 2016 Winners

Kaitlin Duggan

Amesbury High School

Grade 12kduggan.

In 2011, Kaitlin started tagging along with a volunteer at Our Neighbor’s Table, but she soon took on a permanent position. She became a volunteer every single Wednesday afternoon, and her commitment to the food pantry has been impressive. She bags food, handles take-home meals, and takes charge of the drink station. After five years of service, Kaitlin has become an important part of the team at Our Neighbor’s Table.  “I see people struggling and I do the best I can to help them,” Kaitlin says. “The volunteers I work with are my second family and I look forward to seeing everyone each Wednesday.”

“From a young girl who would barely say a word, Katie has grown into a compassionate young woman,” says Lyndsey Haight, Executive Director of Our Neighbor’s Table. “She would probably never consider herself a leader—at least not yet—but her commitment to service and her compassion for those around her demonstrate a strength present in all great leaders.

Katherine O’Rourke

Newburyport High School

Grade 12korourke

Katherine has been part of the Newburyport Learning Enrichment Center’s youth mentoring program since September of 2015, where her outgoing, energetic, and positive energy has helped create a positive environment for the at-risk children living in public and low-income housing. In addition to her after-school work at the Learning Enrichment Center, she is the president of the Leo’s Club (the youth arm of the local Lion’s club), a volunteer at the Port Rehabilitation Nursing Home, a participant in the Rustic Pathways service trip to build infrastructure in Costa Rica, and a volunteer at the Making Stride Walk for Breast Cancer.

“It is clear that Katie has been instilled with an appreciation for education, exploration, and a healthy lifestyle,” says Nancy Earls, Director of the Newburyport Learning Enrichment Center. “Her able and serious leadership has proven itself many times. She has touched so many and it has made us all better for knowing her.”


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