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Rolling Parade

The Newburyport Board of Health has deemed our rolling parade that we had planned for Sunday August 2nd,  to be a large gathering and will not give us a permit or allow us to continue with this special thank you that we had planned.

We had hoped to use the same route as the Santa parade in December in an attempt to lift the spirits of the community by driving by and thanking everyone for their continued support of Yankee Homecoming during these trying times (and letting everyone know that we appreciate them)

We feel we have a safe and socially distant way to continue a 63 year tradition of Yankee Homecoming without risking the health and safety of the community, just as many high schools have done for their graduation celebrations and private citizens have done for many events 1

Instead of our planned rolling rally we will continue, with just a few vehicles, starting at 12 noon and hope it’s enjoyed by the community.

Yankee Homecoming Rolling Parade Route

Sunday, August 2nd beginning at 12 pm





BONS 2014